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So, according to the news, LucasArts has been shut down. Well, is it really that much of a surprise? It wasn't for me. With the quality of games I've had the misfortune of experiencing from the software house and, more recently, Lucas' sell-out to Disney, this news was not unexpected.

For me, the “golden age” of LucasArts ended with Dark Forces. During the Commodore years, they produced some really great games. And I was really blown away when X-Wing and Tie-Fighter was released for the PC. I still play those games, albeit via my DOS emulator. The only other PC games from LucasArts that hold great memories for me are Dark Forces and Full Throttle. Apart from the PC games I just mentioned, my favorite LucasArts games are those that were made for my C64 (Maniac Mansion, Rescue on Fractalus, Zak McKracken, Ballblazer, and the like).

But recently (over the past five years or so), there's been nothing but crap coming out of LucasArts. Unfortunately, the game developers fell for the same trap that ensnared Lucas, himself: All flash and no substance.

The Force Unleashed titles were boring and short (because they were boring their shortness was actually a blessing), and I absolutely hated Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. So, from my point of view, LucasArts have been “dead” for several years already. At least now they can rest in peace.

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