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Last night, as I was finishing up some work on a software review I'll be posting soon, I decided to check in at the CometChat boards and see who might be around. Not long after I logged in with my C64, Goog greeted me and we had a nice little chat.

Goog mentioned to me that he was just doing some coding for an upcoming upgrade to the CommodoreServer interface. During this chat (got a couple nice features coming up), he also happened to casually mention to me about the Comet+.

“The Comet+?”, I typed back. Yes! If, like me, you were unaware, there's a next-generation Comet64 in the works.

I was happily surprised and am very much looking forward to it's release, maybe by Christmas time this year.

Not only will it be backwards compatible with what the Comet64 can do now, it will also have on-board SD card storage, an RS-232 port, Wi-Fi support, and the ability to act as a stand-alone virtual disk drive. Amazing stuff.

If you want to learn more about it, check out the webpage for it:

As for the upgrades to CommodoreServer, pretty soon you'll be able to mount multiple virtual disks (via your Comet modem) and copy files between them.

Great work, Goog and AF! Looking forward to see what else you have up your sleeves.

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