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Had the opportunity to attend last night's PDXCUG user group meeting (virtually, that is). I intended to join the meeting using my C64 and Comet64 modem, but it was just too warm in the computer room last night. So, I cheated and joined in via VICE on my laptop - sitting nice and close to the air conditioner.

It was great chatting with the folks to attended via the chat board as well and in doing so, I picked up a little news tidbit.

Sounds like the guys over at CommodoreServer (Goog and Agent Friday) are developing an upgrade to the V-1541 driver for the Comet64 that will allow multi-disk loads.

This is the feature I've been waiting for and very glad to learn that they've been working on it. This is one of the minor short comings of the Comet64, which is: some programs and games require access to the disk drive to load other code once either the main app or boot loader is running.

Because these program defaults to device 8 (typically), loading from device 2 (the Comet64) doesn't work properly because there's no physical disk in the disk drive, which is where the program goes looking.

But, if Goog and AF get this working, multi-load programs will work over the Comet64. When that happens, I'll be able to upload and RUN the remaining collection of games and apps I have, giving my 1541 disk drives a much needed rest.

Really looking forward to that!

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