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This past weekend I decided to download and install the CommodoreOS Vision 64-bit Linux distro on to my Asus Eee Box PC, and I have to say that it was pretty good.

CommodoreOS is a modified build of Linux Mint (which in turn is a based on Ubuntu, which is built from Debian) with special drivers included for the PCs distributed by Commodore USA.

The install on to my Eee Box (a small form-factor “net-top”) went pretty well, and the proprietary AMD drivers - which were included in the “extras” DVD of the distro. - worked well with the video chip set of the PC.

I'm not sure if I'll keep the distro installed, as I still prefer Fedora and KDE. However, the C64 inspired desktop theme was fun to work with and has, in turn, inspired me to see what C64 theme I could create on my Fedora KDE Aspire One netbook.

Has the CommodoreOS distribution motivated me to buy a new model Commodore computer (64x, VIC, or Amiga)? Not at this time - their prices are a little too high for me. But I wish the company well.


If you're interested in trying out the CommodoreOS distribution, even though it is no longer being developed, you can find the latest ISO here:

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